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Dreams to Reality

Our Coaching, Training & Mentoring Programs are built by top experts in this industry that will help you get your dreams realized in your Personal & Professional lives. Our experts will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. At TLRNow, we are committed to take your life from dreams to accomplishments.

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Our Opportunity
Reality to your Dreams

We believe in a long term relationship, while our experts will keep discovering you and guide you in your journey of life. Our experts will help you enhance your Happiness, Employability, Earning skills and most of all bring out the best in you!
We will cruise you from dreams to accomplishments.

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Why you need a Mentor?

     A Mentor helps you identify what kind of Coaching or Training you need to achieve goals and meet success. A Mentor acts like your manager, hears you and your goals, walks along with you in your journey. Provides you references, resolves your problems through guidance, opens up multiple aveneus to dead ends and helps you meet success. Many a times you are lost in your journey, clueless about the destiny and going through the ups and downs. Thats When a Mentor can pull you out of the roller coaster and gives you directions to get hold of appropriate Coaches & Trainers.

Have a Mentor, you will have a great walk, Join us!

Why you need a Coach?

     We know the importance of coaches in sports and how a coach has brought the turn around in an individual and teams.
     Similarly, When it comes to building your life, a Coach can be a impactful resource who can help you transform your life, stand out and take action to achieve the things that are truly important to you. A Coach will be able to read your mind, define goals of personal & professional life, frame action plans and follow up on the way to success.
     A Coach, in different walks of life, breaks the limitations on your way to success. Coaches help you identify what’s important and bring your focus around it to accelerates your success. A Coach helps you to have defined set of goals to achieve what you always wanted in personal & professional life.
     A Coach creates an environment around you where you find safe and stronger in your conviction, helps you identify gaps between you and success, helps you identify blind spots, helps you figure out what you are not aware of and how can you overcome obstacles meeting your goals. A Coach brings you back on track and keeps you moving forward towards new levels of achievement. We need systematic motivation to go through times, good and bad both. Interrogates you to have clarity in your thoughts and helps you create an action plan.A Coach supports you meet your defined goals and provides ways necessary to achieve those goals.
     A Coach helps you identify your weaknesses to fix & strengths to encash. This helps you save time and energy only to have the most fruitful opportunities. A coach helps you gain a competitive advantage. A coach steers you from struggles to peace, much faster than you could on your own.
     A Coach improves the employee performance through sustained and systematic approach, resulting in achievement of organizational and business goals. Majority of employees with strong Coaching cultures are highly engaged, feels happier & safe, aligned with organizational & business goals.
     Have a discussion with your manager or your talent development staff, they might be interested to invest in coaching for you, if you can bring difference in organization. So! Sign up with us and get going in this beautiful journey called LIFE. If your company, for some reason, chooses not to sponsor your coaching, make the investment for yourself to have brought clarity in life, happiness and increased success. Think of coaching as an investment, not an expense.

Have a Coach, you will see the transformation in your life, Join us!

Why you need a Trainer?

     I am not getting jobs, I am not getting promoted, struggling to get job satisfaction or I am not getting due recognition in my current engagement, are the typical questions, which remains unanswered, leading us to blame the entire world. Thats not a solution, we need to know Why am I in this situation? There could be valid and invalid reasons to such a state or it could be that you need to stand out! A Trainer, trains you on those skills which you need to have or enhance.

Our cyclic process

1. Sign up - Sign up and create a brief profile. A Mentor will be aligned soon, who will take your study forward.

2. Knowing you - It is important for us to know you in details through a systematic discovery process. The discovery process can be through a Video or an Audio call by an experienced Mentor here or through a form. These options will be available when you register with us or you can choose this option later through your dashboard.

3. Align goals - - You will set goals for your personal & professional life along with milestones. You may choose to take assistance of your Mentor.

4. Choose a service - You will be able to choose a service aligned with your existing personality and goals that you want to achieve. Your Mentor will suggest services that you can avail or you can decide and choose services.

5. Journey begins - Once you have availed the services, the online sessions start as per detailed plan, notified to you through a mail. A progress report shall be made available to you at personal dashboard. The Mentor, Coach and/or Trainer keeps an eye on it and notifies as whenever there is a deviation. The online sessions are personal between you, Mentor/Coach/Trainer. You get complete guidance through Video call, Presentation and text material (wherever required). At the end of each session a feedback is submitted by you and your expert advisor. At the end of service completion, you get a detailed report, which you can view and download. Apart from these you also get a personalized badge successful completion & Bonus credits for any other service that you purchase in future.

What are the benefits of hiring a life coach?

You embark on a purposeful & result oriented journey
Your actions are more effective and focused immediately
You are away from stress & fear of failure
You get momentum through a systematic cyclic process
You set appropriate & achievable goals
Most of all, your life is transformed!

Words from Advisory Board

Raguraman PC

30 years of experience, Executive Coach

“In today's competitive world where we are so very connected with the external world, yet disconnected from what is really key to living a fullest (successful) life, Coaching support enables us to access those unexplored opportunities and possibilities that lead us to professional and personal success. TLRNow is the right place today for accessing coaching support as the expert coaches associated with it provide you all around support in achieving the success in life.”

Venkitachalam V

23 years of corporate life, Business Coach

“We all know what we know, but often we don’t know what we don’t know. Coaching enables professionals to develop strong analytical foundation & ability to apply management concepts, frameworks, tools & techniques to real life problems of industry. There is a need to develop within each professional the desire to know, the tools to seek and the ability to find, understand & use information as a means to becoming self-sufficient, responsible & productive citizens to a complex, ever-changing, and diverse society. There is no substitute to hard work, but hard work accompanied by smart work is the key to excellence in a world of cut-throat competition. At TLRNow, professionals will have an enriching and life-turning experience which will enable them to reach new heights.”

Sousthav Chakrabarty

Mission Financial Literacy, Entrepreneur, Investment Advisor

"We live in a digital world - liking, sharing, tweeting and swiping have all become the center of our daily lives. We wake up, log in and check out. While technology has made our life easier, it has also made it less wholesome. We no longer focus on our financial, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We combine the power of today's intelligent technology with the passion of our investment advisors to create an experience that's inherently more human, to propel our clients forward. Progress that allows all of us to realize our true potential because our wealth does not define who we are, but who we are defines what we do with our wealth.With TLRNow, we polish and refine each aspect of a person's wellbeing - financial, physical, mental and spiritual, through committed leaders in each domain, who work together to enrich an individual's life."

Dr.Niti Kapoor

Positive Psychologist, Happiness Practitioner, Executive Coach, Doctorate in Future vision

“Happiness is not just an experience but an ongoing process of fresh challenges, the most vital among them is to Know Yourself and create a joyful life that is not borrowed. To be what you are capable of being. Coaching is a micro -moment of warmth and connection that one shares with another human being. TLRNow reduces this knowledge to the simple compound of the obvious & wonderful perspective that no one has it all and no one lacks it all. The team of experts provide approaches that can reduce the difference between your talent and expectations and will help you to BECOME than just BEING.”

Udayshankar HC

Twenty years in Corporate world, Now Journalist, Corporate trainer, Voice over professional

"Just as a traveller comes across a fork and does not know the path to his destination, young graduates find it difficult to make the right choice for career enhancement. The right decision can send their career graph soaring while a wrong one can impact them adversely. Mentoring covers the whole gamut from career counselling to depression, alcoholism and diffidence. We at TLRNOW with a vast pool of professionals cover the entire spectrum from communication skills, leadership, yoga, stress management, overcoming fear, besides helping the candidate find the right job. A platform for mentoring and beyond. That is TLRNOW."

Coaching, Mentoring and Training can transform your life.

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