The Champs

Age is no bar. Young people are the engines of change. These leaders of tomorrow are destined to change the landscape. In the age group of 18-35 years and beyond, they are driven by passion, strengthening societies, driving development while taking social responsibility. Yet, they don’t get to participate in life changing initiatives and are looking for a platform to air their views and bring the change in society for the betterment of one and all.

       At TLRNow, we acknowledge that young people play a vital role in nation building. Here is an opportunity for them to unleash their creativity and bring about the change in terms of social responsibility .This platform will not only give opportunities to young people to realize their Vision and Mission through TLRNow, but will also provide exclusive access to coaches, mentors and trainers and guide them succeed in professional & personal life.

       We invite all the young men and women to join us and participate in this initiative of changing life through coaching, mentoring and training.

       Known as "TLRNow CHAMPS", they form an important core of the TLRNow fabric and the response has been over whelming.

Come! Be a part of TLRNow

Aanchal Jain

Lead Transformer

Aanchal will be spearheading Branding & Marketing activities across the nation with fellow members of TLRNOW. Reach out to her to explore your Coaching, Training and Mentoring needs and she will be back with variety of offerings with wide range of quality programs for all ages & professions such as students, corporate, housewives etc.

Krutika Khatke

Senior Project Coordinator

An Engineering graduate from Information technology stream, leading a professional career since 2011. I am an ardent reader, loves to read fiction, writes poetries and blogs on social media. • Everything happens for a reason and a purpose                • There is no such thing as failure, but only results                         • Whatever happens, take responsibility                                • One may not understand everything                                               • People are greatest resources                                               • Success can be accomplished through commitment.

Roshan Karthik

TLRNow Champ Entrepreneur

Great to be associated with TLRNow, some similarity with my objective and the one's Which TLRNow carries, would love to see how a humble association can transform lives.

Ashi Singhal

TLRNow Champ, Networking Ardour, Personal Branding Explorer, Marketing Analytics enthusiast

I am a personal branding explorer, helping people especially college undergrads & grads to unlock the vast potential they have, ‘Personality’. By using Personal Branding & Networking through LinkedIn, I envision to make students self-sustained so that they can ace any career opportunity with clear minds.

Varun Choraria

VIP-Incharge BPAC, Bangalore

I help people for a living From being a freelancer to an entrepreneur to an early stage angel investor. Varun has seen and lived the business from every strata of this mega architecture.

Hiral Joshi

Business analyst

TLRNow   :   Catch up with changing times, upskill, a coach can bring in the right perspective of life and career, build your image and NEVER EVER give up ! Thats where TLRNow can help us all ! Business analyst by the day and a pollyanna by the night! While donning the business analyst cap. I focus on brand building,identifying market opportunities, customer retention and potential client partnerships. As a consultant, I help organisation with expansions , culture creation and stratekY building. When I ain't doing the above , find me on the Fl Circuit or curled up with a book!

Chanchal Meena

Masters in Computer Science and Engineering and Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I am a patient, quiet, observant listener to understand experience of life. I love creativity with paper, clay, color, sand, hina or anything with designing. I like to bring best out of waste. I am passionate about yoga, art and craft, designing, reading, and writing.

Richa Kabra

TLRNow Champ, Lead BA & Project Manager at Credit Suisse

A result oriented professional with over 11 years of experience in Business Analysis and Business Development, Client Service Management, Risk Management, Managing C-suite executives, Banking Operations & Financial Advisory Services.

Hardik Lashkari

TLRNow Champ

I am Content Writer, Articles & Blog Writer, Technical Writer and Business Writer. I can help you fetch clients and more business. I write on varied topics such as Tax (Income Tax and GST) & Finance, Startups & Entrepreneurship, Product Descriptions, Health & Wellness, HR & Employee Training, Social Media Strategies.